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Dump Trucks are the #1 cause of fatalities on construction sites according OSHA data. Protect your employees, save on insurance costs, and save lives with Search Eye Sensor System automatic braking

On a busy construction site tri axle vehicles, bulldozers and all types of construction vehicles are in constant motion with many workers on site.

Search Eye will insure safety of all on the site while the vehicle is reversing and provide the driver peace of mind. Automatic braking is a proven technology and reduces property damage and saves lives. For vehicles with hydraulic braking Global Sensor Systems offers a solution that prompts the driver to apply the brakes by using an audible tone and bright red dashlight that lights up when a object enters the sensor field.

Search Eye can work on its own or in conjunction with a spotter and will drastically decrease driver braking time by applying the brakes automatically should something enter the Search Eye field of scan.

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