Solid Waste Management

Waste Industry 5th most dangerous industry in the USA. 25% of all accidents in Waste Industry are due to back over accidents.

25% of all accidents in the Waste Management industry are braking accidents causing death and injury, not to mention the financial cost and stress on the driver

When the driver puts the truck into the reverse the search eye sensor system automatically activated infrared sensors mounted across the rear of the vehicle. An indicator light on the control box tells the driver that the system is in operation. Leaving the driver free to concentrate on mirrors.  As long as the sensors detected no object behind the truck the driver is free to back up, but as soon as the an object enters the sensor field the system steps in and applies the brakes.

Without waiting for costly reaction time from the driver search eye automatically triggered the brakes and an audible alarm in the cab. Both the brakes and alarm stay on until the driver takes the transmission out of reverse. When the driver is required to make a delivery to a loading dock or structure the driver can bypass the braking function in order to make the approach and the system stills provides an audible warning should something be in the sensor field. Search Eye offers the driver peace of mind and drastically limits company liabilities and saves lives!

Data provided by OSHA

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