Search-Eye Sensor System

Automated braking system for airbrake trucks.

How It Works

When the driver puts the truck into the reverse the search eye sensor system automatically activated infrared sensors mounted across the rear of the vehicle.

An indicator light on the control box tells the driver that the system is in operation. Leaving the driver free to concentrate on mirrors.  As long as the sensors detected no object behind the truck the driver is free to back up, but as soon as the an object enters the sensor field the system steps in and applies the brakes. Without waiting for costly reaction time from the driver search eye automatically triggered the brakes and an audible alarm in the cab.  Both the brakes and alarm stay on until the driver takes the  transmission out of reverse.  When the driver is required to make a delivery to a loading dock or structure the driver can by pass the braking function in order to make the approach and the system stills provides an audible warning should something be in the sensor field. Search Eye offers the driver peace of mind and drastically limits company liabilities and saves lives!”


The system comes with a control box, and depending on the size of the vehicle 2, 3, or 4 sensors.  The system in also available without automatic braking and features a large red light in the cab and audible tone for the driver to see and hear.  This application is used on non-airbrake vehicles.


Proven to save lives, offers driver peace of mind, lower insurance costs, Increased productivity, lessen down time, reduce repair costs, lower risk and liability.

List of products

Automatic Braking System

  • 2 Sensor System
  • 3 Sensor System
  • 4 Sensor  System

Non-Automatic Braking System

  • 2 Sensor System
  • 3 Sensor System
  • 4 Sensor  System

Driver Reverse Braking

Vehicles with Search Eye Sensor System stop instantly!!

Driver Braking Time

Backing Speed (MPH) Driver Reaction (Time In Seconds) Stopping (Distance in FT)
7 1 10.3
7 2 20.5
6 1 8.8
6 2 17.6
5 1 7.3
5 2 14.7
4 1 5.9
4 2 11.7
3 1 4.4
3 2 8.8
2 1 4.4
2 2 5.9
Example: A driver reversing at a speed of 7 mph with a brake reaction time of 2 seconds the truck will have travelled 20.5 ft before coming to a complete stop.

Hydraulic Brakes? We have a solution!

Search Eye Audible Detection System (Non Auto-Braking system)

Vehicles with hydraulic brakes and construction equipment can also use Global Sensor System technology. In addition to the sound warning a Cab warning light is mounted on the control box to alert the driver.

“80% Reduction in backing accident frequency” – Advanced Disposal