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Audible & Visual alert Systems for Commercial Vehicles

In-cab control box with red light

Non-Automatic Braking Systems

The Non-Automatic Braking System utilizes infrared sensors mounted across the rear of the vehicle that detect obstacles in the truck's path and alerts the driver with an audible and visible warning if something is in the sensor detection zone when the truck is put in reverse. This system is designed to provide the driver with maximum visibility and peace of mind by alerting them with visual and audible indicators inside the cab when the system is in operation.

Audible & Visual Alert System features

• 1 cab mounted control box with audible and visual alerts.

• Depending on the size of the vehicle, 2, 3 or 4 Search Eye sensors can be installed on the rear of the vehicle to provide sensing coverage.

• Customized options are available, including a large red light affixed to the cab control box in addition to or in substitution for the automatic Search Eye braking feature.

Audible & Visual alert systems for commercial vehicles

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