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Three generations of Saving Lives

Walinga, Guelph Recycle truck 2_1990s
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 3.52.42 PM
city of new york1
Walinga, Guelph Recycle truck 1_1990s
Gord_1980s_testing product
US Mail installation 2
Gord Cooper 1978
trade show booth old
trade show booth 1985
trade show booth 1984(1)
trade show booth 1980s
SunVac installation
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 3.52.15 PM
city of toronto install example2
Gord and Richard 1980s
city of toronto install example1
city of Hamilton, On
city of iowa recycle example
city of hamilton installation example
city of etobicoke
city of Alabama(1)
city of Barrie, ON
city of alabama
blue truck_before installation step 2
45 years of photos
blue truck_after installation finished
blue truck installation step1
belgium standard 1984
After instalation1
before installation1
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How everything started

Humble Beginnings

45 years ago, Global Sensor Systems developed their innovative Search Eye Automatic Braking System. It was one of the first fleet management safety devices to succeed and remains the only automatic braking system that helps prevent backing accidents for commercial vehicles on the market today.








Inspiration Strikes

While working in direct sales, Gordon witnesses a truck backing up and gets inspired to create a similar device. He shares the idea with his brother Richard. After conducting research, Gordon approaches Disposal Services and meets Harry Chad, who expresses the need for a device to prevent trucks from backing into objects.

Global Sensor Systems founders
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