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Understanding Blind Spots: How the Automatic Reverse Braking System Helps

In the world of trucking and transportation, safety remains a top priority. With large blind spots and limited rear visibility, accidents during reversing maneuvers are unfortunately common occurrences. However, thanks to Global Sensor Systems' groundbreaking innovation, the Automatic Reverse Braking System, fleet owners can now mitigate the risks associated with blind spots and significantly reduce the chances of accidents.

Garbage Truck blind spots

The Challenge of Blind Spots

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle where the driver's view is obstructed, making it impossible to see other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects. Truck drivers face considerable blind spots due to the size and design of their vehicles. The rear blind spot is especially critical, as it can lead to accidents during reversing maneuvers. Global Sensor Systems recognized this challenge and developed an advanced solution – the Automatic Reverse Braking System.

Introducing the Automatic Reverse Braking System

The Automatic Reverse Braking System is an innovative safety technology designed to detect objects within 6 feet of distance while a truck is in reverse. As the flagship product of Global Sensor Systems, this system revolutionizes truck safety by providing drivers with an extra layer of protection against blind spots and unseen obstacles. When an object is detected, the system automatically engages the brakes, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Swift Response Surpassing Human Reaction Time

One of the critical advantages of the Automatic Reverse Braking System is its swift response time, surpassing that of human reaction time. Even when a driver is aware of a potential hazard, the delay between noticing the object and engaging the brakes can lead to a significant accident. This technology bridges that delay, promptly bringing the truck to a halt and preventing backing accidents. This cutting-edge feature alone makes the system a game-changer for fleet owners.

Integration and Compatibility

Global Sensor Systems understands the unique needs of their customers, and that's why the Automatic Reverse Braking System seamlessly integrates with any air brake truck. This universal compatibility ensures that fleet owners can enhance the safety of their existing vehicles without requiring significant modifications or replacements. This added convenience makes it an ideal solution for Municipalities, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and Waste Management companies worldwide.

The Global Sensor Systems Advantage

With over 45 years of industry expertise and global recognition, Global Sensor Systems is a trusted authority in safety technology. Their commitment to enhancing truck safety through innovative solutions has earned them the confidence of numerous organizations across the globe. The Automatic Reverse Braking System stands as a testament to their dedication to preserving lives, reducing accidents, and cutting costs for fleet owners.


Blind spots present a significant challenge in the trucking industry, often resulting in accidents during reversing maneuvers. However, Global Sensor Systems' Automatic Reverse Braking System offers a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes truck safety. By significantly reducing the risk of accidents caused by blind spots, this innovative technology is a game-changer for fleet owners, preserving lives, and delivering peace of mind. Embrace the Global Sensor Systems advantage and take your fleet safety to new heights. Contact Global Sensor Systems today for a safer tomorrow.


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