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We prevent Commercial Vehicle backing accidents with Automatic Reverse Braking Systems

Keeping our roads and people safe for over 45 years

Trusted by Municipalities, OEMs and Waste Management companies around the world

Automatic Reverse Braking System For Commercial Vehicles

The Search Eye Sensor System is the industry leader in backup collision avoidance. If the Search Eye sensors detect an object behind the vehicle while reversing, the Search Eye system automatically applies the brakes. The driver is alerted by a cab mounted control box with an audible alarm and light, protecting the driver, the vehicle and the object.

As many as 4 Search Eye sensors are located at the rear of the truck and It features a driver user friendly control box that is mounted in the vehicle's cab. Each driver has control of the entire system via this control box.

Global's Automatic Reverse Braking System works with a wide variety of vehicles

Automatic Braking Systems in Port terminals

Port terminals

Automatic Braking Systems in Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

Automatic Braking Systems in Garbage Trucks

Garbage Trucks

Automatic Braking Systems in Forklifts


Automatic Braking Systems in Fuel Trucks

Fuel Trucks

Driver Distraction and Reaction Time can result in backing accidents. 

The Search Eye System is a fleet safety technology designed to reduce backing accidents caused by driver distraction and reaction time. This product utilizes infrared sensors to detect obstacles behind the vehicle while reversing and stops the truck instantly. 

Installing Global´s Automatic Braking Systems

Easy and fast installation makes it cost-effective for fleet safety managers to implement. The Search Eye Sensor System is specifically designed to streamline the installation process, ensuring that fleet vehicles can be equipped with our product with minimal downtime.

Why do you need the Global Automatic Reverse Braking System

Municipal regulations are changing, requiring active safety systems in their tenders

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Car camera - passive safety system

Cameras are Passive

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Automatic Braking - Active safety system

Global's Automatic Reverse Braking system is

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