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Preventing Commercial Vehicle backing accidents with Automatic Reverse Braking Systems.

Keeping our roads and people safe for over 45 years

Our Solutions

 Our reliable and innovative Automatic Reverse Braking Systems and Audible and Visual Alert Systems are designed to prevent backing accidents and save lives. Learn more about our safety technology below.

About Global

+45 years preventing
backing accidents

We are passionate about helping businesses keep their fleets safe and accident-free. Our technology is designed to alert drivers to potential hazards and apply the brakes automatically when needed, helping to prevent accidents before they occur. We prioritize exceptional customer service, as our success hinges on customer satisfaction.

Design to show numbers


Systems Installed


Years of Industry Experience


of Accidents Reduced


We Fit in a Wide Variety of Vehicles

Fire Truck with Automatic Braking Systems

Fire trucks

Port Terminals with Automatic Braking Systems

Port Terminals

Garbage Truck with Automatic Braking Systems

Garbage Trucks

Heavy Equipment with Automatic Braking Systems

Heavy Equipment

Fuel Truck with Automatic Braking Systems

Fuel Trucks

Forklifts with Automatic Braking Systems


Design with Garbage Trucks with Automatic Braking Systems

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us The Right Choice

  • Proven to prevent 80% of backing accidents.

  • Shoulder-to-shoulder customer service.

  • Infrared sensor technology.

  • Four decades of industry experience.


Why Clients Love Us

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A sensor system may cost the same as one accident but it's going to prevent hundreds and thousands of incidents a day between mailboxes, cars and people.

The upfront cost is minimal compared to the savings down the road.


Cadillac Curtis

Operations Manager


Find your Representative

With distributors across North America, Global Sensor Systems makes it easy for you to find the right fleet safety technology solutions for your needs. Use our map to find your nearest distributor and get in touch with them to learn more about the products and services we offer.

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