Search Eye Sensor System

The Search Eye system features a driver user friendly control box that is mounted in the vehicle's cab. As many as 4 Search Eye sensors are located at the rear of the truck. The driver has control of the entire system via the control box in the cab.

If the Search Eye sensors detect an object behind the vehicle while reversing, the Search Eye system automatically applies the brakes. The driver is alerted by the cab mounted control box with an audible alarm and light, protecting the driver, the vehicle and the object.
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Who are we?

Global Sensor Systems Inc. is a Toronto based company specializing in the creation of a revolutionary automatic braking system, a fleet safety solution for commercial vehicles that not only saves lives, but saves companies money.

Some 45 years ago, Global Sensor Systems developed the Search Eye Automatic Braking System. This system helps prevent backing accidents by applying the brakes of the vehicle should an object or person enter its field of view.

Data shows that backing cameras, alerts and other sensors only reduce backing accidents by 18%. Global Sensor Systems is proven to reduce backing accidents by 80%, compensating for driver reaction time and distracted driving; providing a safer and less stressful environment for vehicle operators and increasing the bottom line for your business.

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Who we are?